Nokia/Ovi Maps links - version

Australia & Oceania


- Whole Africa Link
Angola - Link
Botswana - Link
Burunudi - Link
Egypt - Link
Ghana - Link
Kenya - Link
Lesotho - Link
Libya - Link
Malawi - Link
Morocco - Link
Mozambique - Link
Nigeria - Link
Reunion - Link
South Africa - Link
Swaziland - Link
Tanzania - Link
Uganda - Link
Zimbabwe - Link

America (North and South)

- Whole America (both) Link
Argentina - Link
Aruba - Link
Bahamas - Link
Bermuda - Link
Bolivia - Link
Brazil whole country Link
Brazil Central-West Region Link
Brazil North Region Link
Brazil Northeast Region Link
Brazil South Region Link
Brazil Southeast Region Link
Canada whole country Link
Canada Alberta Link
Canada British Columbia Link
Canada Manitoba Link
Canada New Brunswick Link
Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Link
Canada Nova Scotia Link
Canada Ontario Link
Canada Prince Edward Island Link
Canada Quebec Link
Canada Saskatchewan Link
Cayman Islands - Link
Chile - Link
Colombia - Link
Costa Rica - Link
Dominican Republic - Link
Ecuador - Link
El Salvador - Link
Guatemala - Link
Honduras - Link
Jamaica - Link
Mexico - Link
Panama - Link
Paraguay - Link
Trinidad and Tobago - Link
Uruguay - Link
USA whole country Link
USA Alabama Link
USA Alaska Link
USA Arkansas Link
USA Arizona Link
USA California Link
USA Colorado Link
USA Connecticut Link
USA Delaware Link
USA Florida Link
USA Georgia Link
USA Hawaii Link
USA Idaho Link
USA Illinois Link
USA Indiana Link
USA Iowa Link
USA Kansas Link
USA Kentucky Link
USA Louisiana Link
USA Maine Link
USA Maryland Link
USA Massachusetts Link
USA Michigan Link
USA Minnesota Link
USA Mississippi Link
USA Missouri Link
USA Montana Link
USA Nebraska Link
USA Nevada Link
USA New Hampshire Link
USA New Jersey Link
USA New Mexico Link
USA New York Link
USA North Carolina Link
USA North Dakota Link
USA Ohio Link
USA Oklahoma Link
USA Oregon Link
USA Pennsylvania Link
USA Rhode Island Link
USA South Carolina Link
USA South Dakota Link
USA Tennessee Link
USA Texas Link
USA Utah Link
USA Vermont Link
USA Virginia Link
USA Washington Link
USA West Virginia Link
USA Wisconsin Link
USA Wyoming Link
USA (not states) Puerto Rico Link
USA (not states) US Virgin Islands Link
Venezuela - Link
Virgin Islands - Link


- Whole Asia Link
Azerbaijan - Link
Bahrain - Link
Brunei - Link
China whole country Link
China Anhui Link
China Beijing Link
China Chongqing Link
China Fujian Link
China Gansu Link
China Guangdong Link
China Guangxi Link
China Guizhou Link
China Hainan Link
China Hebei Link
China Heilongjiang Link
China Henan Link
China Hubei Link
China Hunan Link
China Jiangsu Link
China Jangxi Link
China Jilin Link
China Liaoning Link
China Neimenggu Link
China Ningxia Link
China Qinghai Link
China Shannxi Link
China Shandong Link
China Shanghai Link
China Shanxi Link
China Sichuan Link
China Tianjin Link
China Xinjiang Link
China Xizang Link
China Yunnan Link
China Zhejiang Link
Hong Kong and Macau - Link
India whole country Link
India Andra Pradesh Link
India Bihar/Jharkhand Link
India Gujarat & DD/DN Link
India Haryana/Delhi Link
India Himachal Pradesh Link
India Jammu and Kashmir Link
India Karnataka/Goa Link
India Kerala Link
India Madhya Pradesh/Chhattisgarh Link
India Maharashtra/Goa Link
India North East (7 states) Link
India Orissa Link
India Punjab/Chandigarh Link
India Rajasthan Link
India Tamil NAdu & PY Link
India Uttar Pradesh/Delhi/Uttarakhand Link
India West Bengal/Kolkata/Sikkim Link
India Delhi Link
Indonesia - Link
Iran - Link
Jordan - Link
Kazakhstan - Link
Kuwait - Link
Lebanon - Link
Malaysia - Link
Maldives - Link
Oman - Link
Philippines - Link
Qatar - Link
Saudi Arabia - Link
Singapore - Link
Sri Lanka - Link
Taiwan - Link
Thailand - Link
United Arab Emirates - Link
Vietnam - Link
Yemen - Link


- Whole Australia & Oceania Link
Australia - Link
New Zeland - Link


- Whole Europe Link
Albania - Link
Andorra - Link
Austria - Link
Belarus - Link
Belgium - Link
Bosnia and Herzegovina - Link
Bulgaria - Link
Croatia - Link
Czech Republic - Link
Denmark - Link
Estonia - Link
Finland - Link
France whole country Link
France Alsace Link
France Aquitaine Link
France Auvergne Link
France Brittany Link
France Burgundy Link
France Center Link
France Champagne-Ardenne Link
France Corsica Link
France Franche-comte Link
France Languedoc-Rousillon Link
France Limousin Link
France Lorraine Link
France Midi-Pyrenees Link
France Nord-Pas-de-Calais Link
France Normandy Link
France Pays-de-la-Loire Link
France Paris-Isle-of-France/Picardy Link
France Poitou-Charentes Link
France Provence-Alpes-Azur Link
France Rhone-Alpes Link
France RĂ©union Link
France Guadeloupe Link
France Martinique Link
France French Guiana Link
France Saint Barthelemy Link
Germany whole country Link
Germany Baden-Wuerttemberg Link
Germany Bavaria Link
Germany Berlin/Brandenburg Link
Germany Hesse Link
Germany Lower Saxony/Bremen Link
Germany Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Link
Germany North Rhine-Westphalia Link
Germany Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland Link
Germany Saxony Link
Germany Saxony-Anhalt Link
Germany Saxony Link
Germany Schleswick-Holstein/Hamburg Link
Germany Thuringia Link
Gibraltar - Link
Greece - Link
Hungary - Link
Iceland - Link
Ireland - Link
Italy whole country Link
Italy Abruzzo Link
Italy Calabria Link
Italy Campania Link
Italy Emilia-Romagna Link
Italy Friuli-Venezia Giulia Link
Italy Lazio Link
Italy Liguria Link
Italy Lombardy Link
Italy Marche Link
Italy Molise Link
Italy Puglia Link
Italy Sardegna Link
Italy Sicilia Link
Italy Toscana Link
Italy Trentino-Alto Adige Link
Italy Umbria Link
Italy Valle d'Aosta Link
Italy Veneto Link
Latvia - Link
Liechtenstein - Link
Lithuania - Link
Luxembourg - Link
Macedonia - Link
Malta - Link
Moldova - Link
Monaco - Link
Montenegro - Link
Netherlands - Link
Norway - Link
Poland - Link
Portugal - Link
Romania - Link
Russia whole country Link
Russia Central Federal District Link
Russia Far Eastern Federal District Link
Russia North Caucasian Federal District Link
Russia Nothwestern Federal District Link
Russia Siberian Federal District Link
Russia Southern Federal District Link
Russia Urals Federal Distict Link
Russia Volga Federal District Link
San Marino - Link
Serbia - Link
Slovakia - Link
Slovenia - Link
Spain whole country Link
Spain Andalucia Link
Spain Aragon Link
Spain Asturias Link
Spain Balearic Islands Link
Spain Basque Country Link
Spain Canary Islands Link
Spain Cantabria Link
Spain Castile and Leon Link
Spain Castilla la Mancha Link
Spain Catalonia Link
Spain Ceuta Link
Spain Extremadura Link
Spain Galicia Link
Spain La Rioja Link
Spain Madrid Link
Spain Melilla Link
Spain Murcia Link
Spain Navarre Link
Spain Valencian Community Link
Sweden - Link
Switzerland - Link
Turkey - Link
Ukraine - Link
United Kingdom whole country Link
United Kingdom England Link
United Kingdom Nothern Ireland Link
United Kingdom Scotland Link
United Kingdom Wales Link
Vatican City - Link

How to install them?
Unpack downloaded zip archive(s) to cities/diskcache folder.
Those maps will work on Nokia N9 and on Symbian S60v5, S^3 devices.
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